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It´s the beginning of the year and with a whole year of possibilities ahead, I always get into holiday mode, planning where to go & new places to visit. After browsing pinterest and speaking to people throughout the year, I´ve put together a wishlist of places to visit this year in beautiful Catalunya...

Botanic Gardens of Marimurtra in Blanes

Being brought up surrounded by the English countryside, I often crave seeing greenery. The Botanic Gardens in Blanes are set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean so I´m sure would make for a lovely, relaxing day out.
Definitely a spot I´m going to take my parents next time they come and visit.

Details: €6.50 adult entrance, just under an hour by car (70km) or €11 return by train

Camins de Ronda - Coastal Footpaths along the Costa Brava

I´m a huge fan of the Costa Brava (read Secrets of the Costa Brava post here) and apart from the Tuscan style hilltop towns and sandy coves, there are a number of stunning coastal walks that stretch out for miles and overlook the sea. One of these walks runs from Aiguablava to Pals. The turquoises and blues of the Mediterranean, fresh air and warmth of the sun (with the promise of a coffee at the end) would be just perfect. 

Details: Coastal Footpath routes here. Costa Brava is 1.5 hours drive (135km) from Barcelona

Temps de Flors, Girona - Flower Festival

The impressive Flower Festival held every year in May in Girona is always highly recommended by my Catalan friends and colleagues and is still on my list of places to visit.  Patios, courtyards, monuments and public spaces are decorated with fresh flowers to stunning effect. 

Details: Temps de Flors website. Girona is 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona or €11.25 by train

Miravet Tarragona

In the south of the Tarragona Region, you´ll find the picturesque village of Miravet. In Positano style, the houses perch on the side of a cliff which drops to meet the water, in this case, the River Ebro.  From the main square, with its bars and terraces shaded by trees, you can walk up through Miravet´s narrow winding streets which lead to the medieval castle located at the top of the village. 

Details: Nearly a 2 hour drive from Barcelona (161 kms). Probably best to do a day trip from Tarragona 

Cadaqués, Costa Brava

I can´t do a list without including at least one village from the gorgeous Costa Brava. Cadaqués is a small fishing village in the north of the costa brava. Its charm comes from it´s stunning blue cove beaches and whitewashed buildings which surround the bay.

Details: 2h 15 mins drive from Barcelona

Delta de l´Ebre

A beautiful natural park and wetlands area in the south of the Tarragona region of Catalunya. Stunning landscapes where you can do everything from cruises along the River to see flamingoes, canoeing, cycling or even relaxing on one of the Delta´s sandy beaches. 

Details: Just under 2 hours drive from Barcelona, hotels and campsites offer accommodation

Monastery of Montserrat 

Listen to the church bells of the Benedictine Monastery whilst overlooking some of the most breathtaking views of Catalunya.  Montserrat means "serrated mountain" because of its jagged rock formation & is a great day trip from Barcelona. The funicular or cable car takes you to the monastery or there are hiking trails from the base of the mountain. 

Details: 1 hour´s drive from Barcelona or about 1 hour by train (R5 line from Plaça España, €20 return)

La Fageda d´en Jordà (Beech Tree Forest in La Garrotxa)

This place has always appealed to me & is at its best in autumn due to the incredible colour of the beech trees and the light throughout the forest. An impressive natural park, great for long walks and it even does horse drawn carriage rides. Simply stunning!

Details: 1 hr 45 mins drive from Barcelona. Could stay in Girona overnight, 50 mins drive or Olot, 10 mins drive.

Natural salt water infinity pool, Costa Brava

Not even sure I want to share this secret as it´s a hidden gem that should maybe stay that way.
But if you´re desperate to find this incredible place, facebook me for details ;) 

To discover more places in Catalunya, read about the Secrets of the Costa Brava here...

Do you have a favourite place in Catalunya? I´d love to hear your recommendations x

(photos courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. I loved your pictures!
    Barcelona and all the places you portray in this article with your fabulous photos are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing our wonder.

    1. Thanks! Your apartments look great. Glad you enjoyed the post x


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