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Luxury in the Catalonian countryside

The Catalonian countryside as well as its coast has so much to offer, and whether you´re looking for a long weekend away from Barcelona or a restful longer holiday from outside of Spain, this hotel is a beautiful secret allowing you total relaxation....
La Vella Farga

The Vella Farga hotel is luxurious so maybe best reserved for a special occasion. I thought my 40th was a good excuse to put my intensive instagram work to good use & after following this hotel for a while, the not-so-subtle hints to my husband finally worked! I can honestly say you will not be disappointed in any way, this hotel is just stunning & makes for such a relaxing break. I felt totally spoilt, & the incredible service starts with a warm welcome with a glass of cava & cakes as you check in.

I´ve always been attracted to the rustic stone style "masias" or Catalan country houses that have been carefully rennovated into hotels but not in an overly brash way, just tastefully done with delic…

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