Amazing photography course in Barcelona

I´ve aways wanted to do a photography course and learn how to use my SLR camera rather than just carrying it around and pretending I know what I´m doing! I also wanted to understand how to use photoshop to enhance my photos. After researching photoshop courses and deciding I didn´t want to do an online course for hours on end, I found out about this course which gave me exactly what I needed and incredible tips for photography.

I learn better by "doing" and so it was great walking around Barcelona and taking photos of all the beautiful views, buildings, structures and people. With Ben at this Barcelona Photography Course, you get personalized coaching one-to-one or in small groups. It´s intensive and fun and I was seriously impressed by the results! 

Here are a selection of some of the photos. By asking me to take a photo of a subject first then guiding me to a better view or composition, I saw immediate results. 

My first shot (@lascallesdebcn)

guided shot by Ben (@lascallesdebcn)

Shooting at night has always caused me problems and so I wanted to learn how to use the shutter speeds and all the other random settings to get a good shot.

My first shot with a tripod @lascallesdebcn

Guided shot @lascallesdebcn
 He helped me to look at subjects in a different way...and once you see it this way it seems so easy.

My shot of the Barcelona sign @lascallesdebcn

Guided shot @lascallesdebcn

 Shooting during the blue hour and other shots during the course...

 Learning to "shoot from the hip" (like this phrase!) and comes with good results...

Simple tip: blue and yellow work well together..

 So I tried this out on a recent holiday...

Although it won´t be the cheapest course in Barcelona, I signed up as I´d heard great things and found that I learnt so much in a short time. Ben also took extra time out to show me how to use photoshop to enhance my photos and sent me a free copy of his book on camera techniques which is simple but brilliant.

 Ben and his colleagues also do monthly photo walking tours in Meetup, so this is a more economical way to enjoy your passion, meet other people and get some great tips. Next one is this Saturday 9th August. 


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