Smoothies, pancakes and cocktails by the sea...

This new Surf House bar is everything you want and more...fresh smoothies, delicious lunches and great cocktails all whilst relaxing and directly overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean.

The distressed wooden style & bright colours gives it the Californian surf look and the terrace outside is location perfect! The big long table and high iron seats are crying out for long summer evenings of cocktails with friends. 

You can make your own fresh smoothie or choose from a selection. Have a relaxed lunch of veggie spring rolls, beach nachos, fresh salads, soups or burgers (quite keen to try the crabmeat burger) at great prices ranging from 4-9 euros.

After a long day surfing the waves (or tidying up and watching re-runs of Millionaire Matchmaker) kick back with a cocktail from the list of creative drinks or simply ask for your all-time favourite.

Apart from the stunning location of this bar, the best thing has to be the breakfast...croissants, coffee, fruit, waffles and the sea...What more could you ask for!

As well as food & drinks, the Surf House Barcelona bar also does live music nights, djs, games nights and sports events and (this one´s for you Joanne Desmier..) open mike nights! Could be dangerous. 

A 7 minute walk from Barceloneta tube station or a quick cab ride from the centre of town and you´re set up for the night with a Canadian Frozen Cocktail, nachos, friends and the sound of the sea...


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