Things to do and see at Barcelona´s biggest fiesta, La Mercè

From 20th to 24th September, Barcelona celebrates it´s biggest fiesta and with a massive line-up of things taking place all over the city, here are a few typical and fun Catalan events that are definitely worth a look...

Friday 20th September

If you´re walking down the Ramblas, pop into the Palau de la Virreina where you can see close up the "gegants" (giants) and "dracs" (dragons) which further into the fiesta will form part of the most important parades.

At 7pm, these giants will parade down the Ramblas and into Plaça Sant Jaume with music, dancing and a bit of drac-fire action.

From 9pm take the oppotunity to head into Gaudi´s beautiful Casa Batlló to enjoy one of their organised musical events. On Friday 20th you can see sopranos and tenors singing popular opera accompanied by pianos. Could be quite romantic and totally depends on what kind of music you like, but at 29 euros including a glass of wine, it could make for a special night. For more info, see

If you prefer pop / indie music more, then head to the Plaça Real from 9.30pm - 2am where you´ll see Catalan / Argentinian groups or for Rumba, head to Plaça Catalunya from 9.30pm.

Saturday 21st September

From 10am-1pm and 3pm-8pm you could take the kids to see the "Tall Ship Regatta" down at Port Vell where they would get the chance to board (for free) a variety of incredible tall sailing boats from around the world. Watch them sail away on 24th at 12pm. There are also other entertainment activities happening along the port area.

Head to Parc de la Ciutadella for an afternoon of dance between 1pm and 3pm.

For music, the Antique Fàbrica Damm is offering a free concert with Brit Indie singer Miles Kane and Catalan groups. All starting at 6.30pm in Carrer Rosselló, 515. Get there early, it´ll be busy!

End the night with an incredible fireworks display & music at Barceloneta beach at 10pm. You can also see this on Sunday night at the same time.

Sunday 22nd September

If you want to see the incredible Castellers (human towers) then make your way to Placa Sant Jaume at 12pm on Sunday. It will be packed but if you don´t like being amongst the crowds, try standing in one of the side roads off the plaza where it is a little bit less manic. Definitely recommend this though as it´s pretty impressive!

Another exciting and different Catalan tradition is the correfoc (fire-run) which you can see at 8.30pm in Plaça d´Antoni Maura. It basically involves people dressed up like devils and running around with loads of fireworks and making a spectacular and noisy parade.

If you´re into electronica, then the Piknic electronik starts at 1pm and goes on all day. Free electronic music and a festival style ambience at Jardins de Joan Brossa.

Again, end the day with the huge firework display at 10pm at the Barceloneta beach.

Monday 23rd September

See more Castellers activity at 12pm in Plaça sant Jaume.

Live music with Spanish pop groups Delafé and Las Flores Azules at Avinguda Maria Cristina from 11pm onwards.

At 9pm you can see the Giants parade from the Maritime Museum in Drassanes to Plaça Sant Jaume.

Also totally recommend the wine tasting festival in Arc de Triomf - buy a few tickets and taste wine from around Catalunya. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Tuesday 24th September

Starting at 11am in Plaça Sant Jaume you´ll see the giants and "Big-head" parade followed by another performance by the competitive castellers at 12.30pm.

Head to Plaça España to see the impressive closing music and fireworks display at 10pm.


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