Cupcake Trail in Barcelona

For something sweet and pretty, stop off at one of these little cafés for a cupcake treat...

Cup & Cake
1) One of my favourite streets in Barcelona is Enric Granados, not only because it´s pedestrian and has some  cool bars and restaurants, but also because it has a fantastic wee cupcake café called Cup & Cake. Further down the road you´ll find it´s sister shop Brunch & Cake for "non-stop comfort food"....ideal for a rainy or sunny day!
Address: Enric Granados, 145

2) After having done a cupcake course this weekend (slightly hungover!), I just have to suggest this idea to groups wanting to do something different on their weekend. Whether you´re with your mum, or friends, or looking for a nice idea for a hen do, then you should get in touch with the team at Fabulous Kitchen. In their gorgeous studio just off Rambla de Catalunya, they do plenty of cookery courses for small groups and make it really special and fun. Check out my facebook page to see my final cupcake creations...not sure I´d eat them, but it was good fun!  LascallesdeBarcelona

3) Heading slightly away from cupcakes and more towards chocolate and cookies, I´ve found this lovely little café in the Born area called Demasié. It´s like something from the book "Chocolat" with white and dark chocolate florentines, chocolate truffles and red velvet cake. Demasié was noted in the New York Times and has another café in the Eixample. If you don´t have time to stop for a coffee and a cookie, then buy a box and take it home as a gift (if it lasts that long).
Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 28, Born Area.

4) Staying in the same area, you´ll also find the most amazing cupcakes in Lolita´s Bakery. It´s cute, vintagey and has plenty of different flavours to accompany your café con leche or cup of tea.
Address: Portal Nou, 20, Born Area.

Cupcakes at Lolita´s Bakery
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