Barcelona Secrets

Clandestine Cocktails

The team at Rooftop Smokehouse have created something totally unique in Barcelona and as a result this secret speakeasy hidden behind their famous Pastrami bar, unfortunately ain´t so secret anymore!

If you´re not content with just munching on one of the best pulled pork rolls or pastrami sandwiches you´ve ever had, then step through the fridge door & discover Bar Paradiso.

Incredible cocktails are served in totally instagrammable (is that a word?) recipients & if you get a hunger on, order from the Pastrami Bar and try their smoked board of cheeses, pastrami and pickles. Due to its popularity, there´s often a queue so try and get there around 8pm ish to walk straight in. The Pastrami Bar is now also open for brunch at the weekend & although I´ve still to try it, it looks like a good one.

(Photos from Rooftop Smokehouse)

Dinner in a hidden patio garden

Just a moments walk from Passeig de Gracia you´ll find the Mercader de l´Eixample. A restaurant that makes the most of its patio garden with twinkly fairy-lights and a intimate & cool atmosphere.

A great spot for a meet up with friends as the dishes are created for sharing, with a focus on Catalan local products and specialities of the season. Call to reserve a spot on the terrace as they´re often busy, especially at the weekend. You can also sit at the bar or table inside but for me, the selling point of this restaurant is its outdoor space.

(photos from Mercader d´Eixample)

Posh Terrace Dining

For a calm garden setting for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner! Try Santa Clara restaurant in the Peldralbes area of Barcelona. It´s upper class for sure in terms of the diners, but the setting is just gorgeous, with a fresh design by Jamie Beriestain & the food is great quality. Although it´s located in the posher end of town, the prices are really reasonable & the menu quite extensive. It also offers half rations which I always like as an option if you´re not feeling that hungry.

As well as lunch and dinner you can sit in the garden and enjoy an Afternoon Tea (competition for my Rooftop Tea! of course, but I´m sure it´s lovely) as well as having an in house bakery (Baluard) for a breakfast coffee & croissant with friends.

(photos from Santa Clara)


  1. Hm, all recommendations are food... how about some art? Check out my site or the tours these guys are doing: You will be surprised to discover some extraordinary venues like Espronceda or Centro Mutuo... all completely tourist free!


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