Japanese Dining you don´t want to Miss!

(This is not a sponsored post)


After having massive cravings for crab recently, we ended up heading to Yubari in Diagonal for a special pre-Christmas dinner.

I was equally blown away by the interior and the food  and cannot wait to get back there and try out all the other specialities on the menu.

As you walk through the restaurant, the space opens up and you are faced with a huge wall to wall mesmerising underwater scene with sea creatures gently swimming around.
It feels a little bit as if you´re in one of those shark tunnels in an aquarium but with a touch of Finding Nemo cuteness and colour about it. All this might sound tacky, but it most definitely is not and the running waterfalls, giant tropical tree trunks and elegant tables & chairs ensure this.

Not only is the interior spectacular, but as it is Japanese haute-cuisine, the food was too.
I honestly don´t think I´ve eaten Japanese food like that in my life and the Chilli crab did not disappoint!

We started with the prawn & orange-chilli ponzu gyozas and royal chilli crab, both amazing and with a delicious kick of citric. I have to recommend one of the mains; scallops in the most incredible caramalised miso and jalapeno sauce (not too spicy). 

The puddings were not only works of art but totally hit the spot as desserts. Chocolate lovers have to try the "Jardín de Cuba", ferrero roche chocolate heaven on a plate. 

With such high standards of interior design, food and service, as expected, the price is equally high,   so I´d suggest this place as a "special occasion" restaurant, at about 60 euros a head for a starter, main & pudding with a bottle of wine. 


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