"Disfrutar" An incredible tasting experience in Barcelona

The restaurant "Disfrutar", meaning "enjoy" in English, opened in December this year at the hands of a group of talented chefs who previously worked at one of the world´s most famous restaurants, El Bulli

After the success of their restaurant in the beautiful fishing village of Cadaquez, Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch developed impressive new menus at "Disfrutar" which are creative and surprising. I don´t know how they come up with these ideas, but it makes dining a completely different experience.

Each dish is totally unique in every way; visually, texturally & taste-wise but each with the element of surprise or things not being what they seem. 

There are 2 tasting menus available, one with 19 dishes (68 euros) & the other with 25 (98 euros)! and yes...we did! It was a special occasion and a one off so we splurged! Kinda hurt handing the credit card over but was totally worth it. 

My favourite dishes were these below:

Peppers that were actually chocolate with oil and salt
(works so well!)

Crispy egg yoke with mushroom sauce 
(like an English breakfast in a mouthful)

Meringue sandwich with seafood and avocado 
(delicious when you bite into the light, fluffly exterior to the crab and avocado filling)

It´s hard not to be impressed by the food in this restaurant as well as the service. 
On a personal note, I´m not a huge fan of gelatine things so I passed on those & I would´ve been more than happy with the smaller tasting menu as I actually think it has the best parts of the longer menu on it, but you have to order for the table.

I always enjoy seeing an open kitchen in a restaurant and you can see the hard work & technique that goes into the preparation of these dishes by the number of chefs dedicated to each task. 

I´m not going to give you the details of all the dishes & the surprises they hold, as it´s like telling the spoiler for the end of a film, but here are some more pics to give you a taster...x


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