My vintage market experience...

Our stall +lostfound market 

This blog post is for all of you who´ve been thinking of doing a market stall at one of the local markets in Barcelona. I totally recommend it and would say to you all "Do it!"

Some of the things we sold (polyvore)
Not only do you earn a bit of cash, it´s a fantastic, fun experience where you get the chance to be creative, meet some really nice people and play shops!
As well as having a great day, my objective was to get rid of all my old clothes and make a bit of money. Everyone´s got clothes, shoes, jewellery & bags that you´ve kept year after year in the hope that one day you´ll get into that pair of jeans or you keep that bag just in case! 

After doing some spring cleaning I figured that with my sister we had more than enough nice stuff to sell at a local market. I knew I wanted to do it at Lost and Found Market as I love the atmosphere, with the dj, food stalls and beer tents, and I love the idea of a market in a grand train station where people are moving and going somewhere nice...

Only photo of the market I had time to take! 

It´s hard work and we definitely learnt a few things we´d do differently next time so here are my top tips that I hope will help...

1) Display is everything! Make sure you think about your stand and the structures you´ll use to display what you´re selling. We used 2 rails, my sister´s table and her gorgeous white wooden screen that creates a clear separation and backdrop to a stand. 

2) Use decent hangers! We didn´t (think they were kids size) and things kept falling off them.

A cute display captures attention
3) Be prepared to negotiate and sell cheap If you think about what you can buy nowadays in shops like Primark and Zara etc for less than 10 euros, then this gives you idea about what you can sell and at what price. We sold most things at 4 euros which sounds really low but it all adds up. 

4) Put groups of items at the same price and mark them clearly so customers don´t need to ask. For example a rail of all items at 5 euros or a box of bags and scarves at 2 euros. (People like a rummage through a box!)
Group items at the same price
5) Make sure there are at least 2 or 3 of you involved to help set up, sell etc. It´s not possible with less.

6) Bring water and snacks We didn´t have time for any breaks as it´s always full on at popular markets like Lost and Found and relied on friends to bring us water, snacks and of course, alcohol!!

7) Have fun It´s a cool and fun environment and people love a bargain so enjoy and have fun

Some vintage shoes we couldn´t sell!
To be part of the Lost and Found Market, simply email them when the next edition of the market is announced and you´ll put into the "draw" for the stands. If you´re given a stand, you then pay 40 euros for the day. It´s really well organised, so thanks to the guys at Lost & Found for making it such a cool day.


  1. Fabulous tips, your stall looked amazing x

  2. Looked like fun and quite a cleverly put together stall how often do they do it there?

    1. Thanks! Lost & found do it 4 times a year-the next edition's in June so if you keep an eye on their website you can apply a few weeks before. There are also lots of other markets like two market, the garage or fleamarket. Hope this helps x


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