Get bikini ready early this year...

If you´re bored of your exercise routine or like me, your price per gym session is ridiculously high as you never go, then here are some enjoyable solutions that actually get results and will help you get bikini ready for the summer...

Boot-camps are massive in the UK and America and Sascha and his team run Original Workouts Barcelona which includes Urban Allstars Boot camps on a daily basis. If you´re looking for high impact, fast and fun outdoor fitness classes, then this is perfect. The boot camps take place in Ciutadella Park, Bogatell Beach and Sant Cugat (soon Plaza EspaƱa) with 16 classes available per week. They also include mums and tots bootcamps as well as self-defence bootcamps.

This is a great way to exercise in the open air, with friends and has serious feel-good factor. Each class is approx. 6 euros and if you just want to try a class, you pay 3 euros (half goes to charity).

If you´re style is more private or you´re not quite ready for high impact in a group then another option is Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching.

This is also the ideal option for people with back-problems. As a personal recommendation, I can honestly say that Sascha and his PT sessions have done more for me than any chiropractor, osteopath or doctor has ever done. Within 2 months I went from suffering serious pain and little movement, as a result of 3 herniated discs, to being totally pain-free, healthier & happier! I´m actually amazed at what my body can do now compared to a year ago and I was made to realise I needed to take control and not just keep visiting various doctors (and complaining!). Sessions are similar in price to gym PT sessions (from 45 euros), but in my personal experience more professional and specialised and the trainer comes to you.

The final offer from Active-8 is training for women by women... Perfect for pregnant women, or if you´ve just had a baby and want to gently regain your figure. The team are also specialists in Nutrition and detox.

Sascha started Active-8 seven years ago and has a long history of strength coaching & personal training with special focus on injury rehabilitation. Classes are offered in Spanish, English, Dutch and Russian so if you´re keen to change your routine, want to stop your back-pain or simply want to tone-up for the beach, this is a great way to do it.   

Get a free assessment and trial session when you say you´ve read about Active-8 here...

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